To me, the idea (specifically looking at Italic) is that luxury goods are precisely interesting, valuable, and desirable because of what their brand stands for and means to consumers, alongside the physical qualities and attributes of the product.

Would people really want to buy a handbag with the look of Chanel, made in the same factories of Chanel, without the C logo, even if it was significantly less expensive? Probably not.

I find that digital startups/disruptors/anti-brand generics are great for commodities, not products that have an artistic vision that drives them.

For plain white t-shirts and organic face wash, sure maybe. For more nuanced, emotional goods, I’d think brand is still very important. But those products may become more and more unaffordable as the costs of production rise and behemoths like Amazon start to squeeze and take the lower 50% of the market (because consumers have no choice).


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