Such relevant insights Brianna!

I learned a similar lesson over the last few years. In 2015 my mom died, then I got into business school and moved to Italy (from Florida) to “open a new chapter.” And while those 15 months of school were magical in their way, I was in mourning, I was coping (with shopping and sleeping), and not fully engaging with the place, the culture.

By the end, I was beyond ready to get back to comfort and familiarity. Later, I realized how much I missed about it and wished I’d stayed in Italy. Whether that would have been a good choice is of no consequence now because I live in San Francisco and am making it work here.

I also liked your bit about travel as a status symbol. From the lens of dating, especially via Tinder, it always makes me laugh how many people write: “love to travel” on their profiles. BIG TRAVELER. Spend all my money on travel. Blah blah blah. Like…duh…we all like to travel. Travel is great. I’m already bored looking at your Machu Picchu pictures.

My circumstances over the last few years have prevented me from going on quite a few trips with my friends, but I’ve prioritized quality over quantity and know that sometime soon I’ll be back to a place where I can afford regular travel again.

P.S. I will be at your book signing/event at Black Bird Bookstore next week! Can’t wait to say hi.

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