Hi Niklas — great points here. Thanks for writing them down. I especially like the first two, which are ones I’ve consciously and subconsciously struggled to grasp my entire life. Like no, buying X won’t solve all my problems or make me happy.

I think you’ve pinpointed what ethical wealth means — i.e. having the habits and beliefs that make you an inherently balanced, desirable person in life, which begets wealth.

The frustration for many about “wealth” as it looks today is that most households get it by being born into wealthy families (1) OR creating economic value that convinces millions of people to buy something, but may ultimately be exploitative, environmentally-damaging, and/or misleading. But that’s also because wealth in most developed countries is polarized within select groups, not more evenly dispersed. I’d guess that people in more equal societies (scandinavia) are less skeptical of ethical wealth as a concept because fewer overall are struggling to survive.

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