Hi Molly — so glad I read this, today, this moment.

I’ve been underemployed for 2 years since graduating with an M.B.A. I say underemployed because I’ve begrudgingly done consulting and freelance work, but never made bank or felt much traction/opportunity there.

Anyway, the stress and shame of it all has been so heavy and so much. It’s turned me on to things like yoga, meditation, and gratitude, which have been so transformative. I also moved across the country six months ago to take a drastic step (from Florida to San Francisco), and am still on that full-time search, but feeling closer to something good than ever before.

At some point recently I woke up and thought: “Fuck that! I have nothing to apologize for, there’s nothing wrong with me. All these people around me are no smarter, no better.”

I realized that I just have to play the game, be open, flexible, and cheerful (and patient), and seek out personal connections (the long game) rather than dump my information into the black hole of online job apps (the short game).

Many thanks for your post and I totally agree. If I ever have young people to mentor or influence, I will make it clear to them that a job, while a part of your identity, in that some people make better attorneys or artists than others, it’s not even close to the most important part of your identity or your value to society.

Writer, thinker, aesthete. Website: www.remarqed.com

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