Hi Gustavo — this is such an excellent manifesto on two really destructive states of mind.

I really responded to two parts in your piece, (1) social media is an envy accelerant and (2) certainty cripples wisdom.

I have long had a mixed feeling about the former. It’s gone from fun and frivolous to a showcase of how fabulous an existence can look, and it’s exhausting. I write here on Medium and work in digital marketing so it feels extra hard to go cold turkey on social media. But, I’m considering it.

The latter bit is so so true. We’re taught to be confident and “fake it until you make it” but I have always found that very inauthentic and counterproductive. In most cases, certainty is impossible. As a job-seeker, I struggle to decide which course is best — pretending to be an expert or admitting that much of life is trial and error, experimentation, and learning on the job.

Anyway, great piece, I really appreciate it. I took notes in my journal.


Writer, thinker, aesthete. Website: www.remarqed.com

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